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Creating and Sustaining Relationships with Your Clients on Your Behalf &

Personalizing Every Interaction to Highlight Your Strengths and Skills

Lead Generation

  • Utilizing provided information and required scripts, contact past, current and future clients though phone calls, emails, texts and/or social media, logging interactions into client database with detailed notes and scheduled follow-up 

  • Follow-up with potential leads created through Open House data, social media interactions, networking encounters, expired listings, FSBOs, etc., on your behalf 

Social Media Administration

  • Create and administrate Business Facebook Page, including weekly posts  

  • Create and administrate Facebook Group(s) 

  • Research Facebook Pages and Groups to join for marketing and outreach efforts


  • Specializing in FSBOs. 

  • Circle Prospecting

  • Expired and Cancelled Listings

  • Detailed call logs and notes provided weekly

  • Hot leads are immediately communicated to you for follow-up appointments

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Creation and distribution of Press Releases with provided information 

  • Assist with mail marketing from provided information (i.e., Expired Luxury Listing Letters) 

  • Creation of listing descriptions and photo captions with information provided

Customer Relationship Management

  • Merge/migrate current  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information to new CRM (i.e., Command)

  • Research, update and input data into current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system


  • Outreach to past, current and potential clients utilizing provided scripts/information logging detailed notes

  • Set-up follow-up Tasks, Opportunities, Outreach and/or Marketing Plans for you and your clients


  • Take your clients from lead to pre-qualification utilizing provided scripts/information and preferred vendor(s) (i.e., preferred lender(s) 

Organization and Coaching

  • In coordination with Transaction Coordinator, ensure timely communication with you, your clients, and your vendors 

  • Create and utilize shared Calendars

  • Assign Tasks and Opportunities to you and your Team Members through CRM 

  • Virtual Coaching

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